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Well, better late than never, I've finally decided to start watching Myself; Yourself after a long coffeepot of waiting to watch it. I must say that it has made a good impression with me. Although the childhood friend thingy has been used many times over and over again, its fun to watch how every producer tries to execute it in a varied and different way compared to the last. This time, its the boy who's coming back to a town where he lived many years ago. Much like Kanon. Except, this series is practically a soap opera. Nothing like some light entertainment eh?

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The story kicks off with a short epilogue showing Sana's (the male hero of the story) friends having a farewell meet up just before he leaves to a faraway land when he and his friends were little. Being kids and all, everyone tried to do something cool and that really added to the charm to the story. Everyone made something for Sana, but there was this one girl who had the would-be-very-important-female-role treatment and got to do something very different and very memorable as the finale. Of course, as with all dense male protagonists, her efforts are quickly forgotten. Poor girl.

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Anyway, fast forward to the present, when Sana returns to the town. He drops by a shrine and sees a very DERE girl looking at him and hiding whenever he notices her. Well, that's the official shygirl of the show. (Shy girl check) He is first greeted by this girl called Aoi, obviously the show's official loli queen. Alright, so we got another one of the requirements of a harem anime fulfilled (Loli, check). Aoi clumsily slips and falls when running towards Sana, but really, with Sana standing so close to the door, I don't see how it takes so many footsteps to actually run to him. Weird...

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Then we get introduced to Aoi's parents, who look too young to be her parents (as usual) and start talking about getting a son-in-law and stuff. Boy talk about the first day. Sana sure has it tough. Aoi and Sana then starts to blush and all (teenagers... sigh) and everyone including Aoi's father goes all dere dere and Aoi's mom who looks like the reincarnation of Nagisa (I get the feeling she IS Nagisa, coz her husband has hair that looks like Tomoya's) starts to say lame things like "isn't it a joke?" (like Nagisa) and continues to smile slightly (like Nagisa).

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Anyway, the story goes on at the next day when Sana is woken up by Aoi who offers to make breakfast for him... I can't believe how much cliche there is in just one episode. But I guess all these techniques are tried and true to creating the ultimate harem anime series. And the story goes off into a classroom where Sana (surprisingly) meets his friends and (unlike whos-his-name in Kanon) actually recognizes all of them and says hi. Now comes the strictly required climax to entice people into watching the second episode. A girl slaps him in the face.

written by astrobunny \\