Frankly I was amazed at what I saw when I clicked on a link absent mindedly like I always do when I chat on mIRC. It was a voice actor that I personally have never heard about that spoke during a convention about the quasi-sensitive topics of scanlations and fansubs. First of all, I'll say that I do download fansubs and scanlations and I do fansub. Before this I had the dimmest idea of the situation that was going on in the anime world and businesses that were involved in the creation, preparation and distribution of anime in Japan and worldwide. This made me question some ethics most of us were going by. The question of ethics becomes a serious issue in terms of sustaining the world of anime we all know and love when the businesses that depend on the distribution of anime are losing money because of it. That said, the videos are available after the jump so 56k'ers may not appreciate having a whole lot of flash videos thrown at them so I'll say this first. Don't click if your pipe can't take it. There are 18 videos here cut up by topic from youtube for your convienience.

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