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Finally done with my computer. It took forever for the parts to arrive, especially the 8800GT which gave me immense amounts of headaches when it came to dealing with the ultra-stingy shopkeepers. -.-; Make sure you do not buy from any shops owned by Chinese people, even if it means there are lots of them around and they sell stuff at supposedly dirt cheap prices which are actually miles above the actual cost prices. >.>

When work gets in the way with your usual anime-loving life, you know you need a break and start doing things that you like. Last month I secured a figure that should by then have been extremely hard to find since production has stopped and its made by Max Factory. Yeah, the 1/8 Shana that I was eyeing ever since I was a child. (Okay maybe not) So I decided to commemorate the completion of my new PC to open up the Shana box and give her a bit of a modelling session. This will be relatively educational for all those of you who haven't gotten your hands on this figure yet. Make sure you do not regret for the rest of your lives. Pictures after the jump...

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