Picture 1 in [Mnemosyne]

All this while we've been treated to lots of soft and fluffy light anime like Lucky Star and Clannad that have lots of cute large-eyed girls and very unrealistic plots full of light comedy and the usual storyline we all know and love. Once in a while however, some really heavy and dark stuff comes around and has carves a lasting impression on us. Such anime like Full Metal Alchemist, Jigoku Shoujo and Death Note have been notable for their clean, yet strong thrills and emotion. Mnemosyne moves up a step further, bringing to us some of the things our grandparents hate most about Hollywood movies: The sex and violence. Well, I must say this show is NOT for young kids, but I must also say, kudos Xebec, they have done it this time.

Picture 2 in [Mnemosyne]

Mnemosyne is a story about a woman named Rin (green hair) and her partner, Mimi (purple hair) who run a private investigation firm that do all sorts of things like finding lost cats to some dangerous spy missions. Although some of the people they get involved with are evil people with despicable plans and inhumane desires, Rin and Mimi both bear on their backs some very dark secrets as well. In the first episode, Rin is on a mission to find a lost cat, which leads her to meet a mysterious man who doubts his own identity. Eventually, she ends up starting an investigation on a powerful and influential group of people who are currently conducting some horrible experiments in the field of cloning and immortality.

Picture 3 in [Mnemosyne]

This show is filled with nudity and violence. There are parts in the show where horrible things such as piercing and the detachment of limbs are vividly portrayed, along with partial to full nudity and camera angles that benefit only those who are watching. Nevertheless, I think that this is one of those shows that actually appealed to me, unlike Speed Grapher or Ghost in the Shell, which made me fall asleep halfway thru. The interesting parts of this series are the parts where little secrets are revealed about Rin and Mimi, and occurrences that portray how evil and horrible some people can be, and the mysterious objects we see in the sky and falling around everyone. I still wonder what those bubbles are.

Picture 4 in [Mnemosyne]

I have already watched the second episode and I must say it has been a very interesting watch. In episode 2 some more secrets are revealed and a very crooked truth displays itself in the most... well.. awkward manner. I must apologize for the abstract language but its hard to talk about a series without giving away some of it. All I can say is that there is some 'almost sex' in the 2nd episode, and some very disturbing scenes and very mind boggling actions on each of the characters' part.

Picture 5 in [Mnemosyne]

Being such an interesting series to me, this series has won a place on my "to follow" list, and I think that will make up one of my watchlist entries this winter. I haven't yet decided on what I want to follow this winter but as with every season, there are at least 2 shows for me. One that's emo/thriller (type Speed Grapher) and one that's light and funny (type Lucky Star).

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