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I've always been a fan of good music, and good music usually means alternative music to me. Most of the time, pop music is really cool and okay to listen to, but it gets dry and sickening after a while and prompts me to go around searching for other better and more creative forms of music. I didn't have to go far however, back in 2005 I discovered a techno band from Sapporo that created some wonderful music, and they associated themselves with cute-sounding voices and anime, which made them all the more appealing to me. This band, is... well you guess it. IOSYS.

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Most of us who are in the anime community are already quite familiar with this band. However, it's interesting to note that like another band, namely MOSAIC.WAV, IOSYS derives its name from a file made by Microsoft. Back in the good ol' days of Windows 3.1 and Dos 6, there was a system file that I have deleted before called Io.sys. So the first time I heard of the name, nostalgia seemed to have flown by my nose a little.

Picture 3 in [IOSYS]

IOSYS loves to get flash artists to make them cute little flashes to compliment their best soundtracks and make them really fluffy and loveable. For this reason I save all of them. It seemed however that the time they really rose to fame in my books were when they started remixing songs from the Touhou games and got flash artists to draw the Touhou girls in very flashy situations and put in some cute but high beat music to complement them.

Some of these music pieces become so famous they become Stepmania material, and people start playing them in arcades. I have no idea how they actually manage all those insanely fast steps. I can't even get past it halfway. These people must have spent all their lives in there.

Picture 4 in [IOSYS]

Bunnies! This was admittedly the first flash movie with IOSYS music that I came across. I love the progressing beats in the end of this one, and the movie is just so random. Its a great one minute treat to anyone who wants to cheer up.

Here's a convienient link for those who want to watch any of these movies

What do you guys think of IOSYS x Touhou Flashes?

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