Picture 1 in [Macross Frontier 6]

Man... This is the best episode so far. It started with Ranka getting a manager, but the best part was not there. Beware. Spoilers ahead.

Picture 2 in [Macross Frontier 6]

Recon units were sent to a point 12 lightyears away, where they rendezvoused with a ship from Macross Galaxy and apparently beaten up badly by the Vajra. Captain Wilder, recieving the news from the recon team, then planned to leave Macross Frontier to assist them, having Cathy as temporary first commander.

Picture 3 in [Macross Frontier 6]

Sheryl, being intimidated by the situation at hand, knowing what is happening to Galaxy, decides to go on with the concert. Alto, having seen Sheryl to pass her her earring, left with it. Sheryl obviously wanted to tell him more than what she did, or give him more than an earring at that stage, but couldn't. Alto, rushed back to the cruiser before it left and went into standby for battle. Something is obviously happening between the two. Alto put the earring on the side of his HUD and started up the VT.

Picture 4 in [Macross Frontier 6]

The Captain ordered the ship out of Macross Frontier's bays and prepared for a fold. I always thought one of the bridge bunnies were strange. Apparently she has the same all-black eyes that were once owned by Emil Lang and Lazlo Zand. It makes her look kinda creepy. Sheryl begins to sing as Ranka makes her way to the concert hall. The scene was surreal. It really looked like a scene from Macross where Minmei started singing while a war was waged outside the SDF.

Picture 5 in [Macross Frontier 6]

Then, the dramatic signature of the Macross series, the star sings a sad song as the technoknights depart for yet another battle. The cruiser speeds away from the ship to fold distance as Sheryl sings towards her chorus. The fold begins and Ranka notices. And she sang...

Picture 6 in [Macross Frontier 6]

Kami sama ni koi o shiteita koro wa
When I was in love with God

Konna wakare ga kuru to wa omottenakatta yo
I never thought that this parting would come

Picture 7 in [Macross Frontier 6]


Mou nidoto furerarenai nara
If I can't touch you again

せめて最後に もう一度抱きしめて欲しかったよ
Semete saigo ni mou ichido dakishimete hoshikatta yo
I wanted to at least hug you one more time

Picture 8 in [Macross Frontier 6]

It's long long good-bye...

さよなら さよなら 何度だって
Sayonara sayonara nando datte
Goodbye... goodbye... many times over

自分に 無上に 言い聞かせて
Jibun ni mujou ni iikikasete
I told myself to say it...

Picture 9 in [Macross Frontier 6]

Te o furu no wa yasashi dayo ne
It's kind to wave your hand eh...

今 強さが欲しい
Ima tsuyosa ga hoshii...
I need strength now...

Picture 10 in [Macross Frontier 6]

貴方に出会い STAR輝いて アタシが生まれて
Anata ni deai STAR kagayaite atashi ga umarete!
I met you, the stars shone and I was born!

愛すればこそ I あればこそ
Ai sureba koso (I) areba koso
Love is here for sure. I am here for sure.

Picture 11 in [Macross Frontier 6]

希望のない 奇跡を待って どうなるの?
Kibou no nai kiseki wo matte dou naru no?
What should I do, hopelessly waiting for a miracle?

涙に滲む 惑星の瞬きは gone...
namida ni nijimu wakusei no matataki wa gone...
The twinkling of a planet oozing with tears is now gone...

Picture 12 in [Macross Frontier 6]

忘れない 貴方の温もりも
Wasurenai anata no nukumori mo
I won't forget your warmth.

その優しさも 全て包んでくれた両手も
Sono yasashisa mo subete tsutsunde kureta ryoute mo
I'll take that kindness and wrap it in both hands of mine

It's long long good-bye...

Picture 13 in [Macross Frontier 6]

さよなら さよなら 愛しい人
Sayonara sayonara itoshii hito
Goodbye... goodbye my love

貴方が いたから 歩いてこれた
Anata ga itakara aruite kureta
I could walk because you were there

Picture 14 in [Macross Frontier 6]

hitori nanka ja nakatta yo ne?
I'm not alone right?

今 答えが欲しい
ima kotae ga hoshii
I need an answer now...

Picture 15 in [Macross Frontier 6]

燃える様な流星 捕まえて 火を灯して
moeru youna ryuusei tsukamaete hi wo tomoshite!
Grab a burning comet and light the fire!

愛していたい 愛されてたい
Ai shiteitai Ai saretetai
I want to love... I want to be loved...

Picture 16 in [Macross Frontier 6]

冷えたカラダひとつで 世界は どうなるの?
Hieta KARADA hitotsu de sekai wa dou naru no?
What is a cold body going to do in this world?

張り続けてた 虚勢が溶けてく long for...
Haritsudzuketeta kyousei ga toketeku long for...
I long for those lies to be stretched thin till it vanishes...

Picture 17 in [Macross Frontier 6]

どうしてなの? 涙溢れて 止められない
Dou shite nano? Namida afurete tomerarenai
Why are these tears spilling? Why aren't they stopping>

貴方に出逢い STAR輝いて アタシが生まれて
Anata ni deai STAR kagayaite ATASHI ga umarete!
I met you, the stars lit up and I was born.

Picture 18 in [Macross Frontier 6]

愛すればこそ I あればこそ
Ai sureba koso I areba koso
Love is here for sure. I am here for sure.

希望のない 奇跡を待って どうなるの?
Kibou no nai Kiseki wo matte dou naru no?
What am I to do, waiting hopelessly for a miracle?

Picture 19 in [Macross Frontier 6]

涙に滲む 惑星の瞬きは gone...
Namida ni nijimu wakusei no matataki wa gone...
The twinkle of that tear-filled planet is gone...

もし生まれ変わって また巡り会えるなら
Mou umarekawatte mata meguriaeru nara
If we ever come across each other again when I am reborn

Picture 20 in [Macross Frontier 6]

その時もきっと アタシを見つけ出して
sono toki mo kitto ATASHI wo mitsukedashite
I will definitely find you then

もう二度と離さないで 捕まえてて
mou nidoto hanasanai de tsukamaetete
Don't let go again, hold me...

Picture 21 in [Macross Frontier 6]

ひとりじゃないと 囁いてほしい planet...
hitori ja nai to sasayaite hoshii planet...
Please whisper to me that I'm not alone, dear planet...

written by astrobunny \\