Picture 1 in [HAH Take that Matsumoto]

Itazura 9 is win, but for a very different reason. It's not because of moe girls or fanservice, but this time its win because a guy just dumped a dung-ugly girl. GO IRIE! DUMP THE TRAMP. Serves Matsumoto right for trying to steal Irie from Kotoko. That bimbo-ish-sad-excuse-for-a-girl-nerd needs to be dumped in almost every way possible before she realizes the difference in the quality of Kotoko's affection and hers.

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written by astrobunny \\

Picture 1 in [Cooking]

I never cooked a lot before. The only time I learned cooking was when I was flatting, because I was starving to death when I had nothing cooked to eat. So I burned my first dish. It was such a mess I couldn't bring myself to photograph it. Does anyone of you cook?

written by astrobunny \\