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This episode is a little less exciting than the rest. Though Ranka being an old man is a twist of things. This episode is basically a fanservice/filler episode with an unusual amount of swimsuit and lingerie scenes crammed wherever the story permits. This episode basically celebrates Ranka's success as an idol and starts doing lots of publicity jobs like photoshoots and doing performances towards her first live performance at the dragon stadium.

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Ranka is portrayed this time as a real life star, with everyone cramming up to take photos of her, and multitudes of fans mobbing her. obviously a good thing it seems. While Ranka's busy, she tries to contact Alto, but never really gets around to it, leaving Alto with the impression that Ranka's taken off.

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Though, Sheryl seems to be hanging around Alto more than usual, though it started several episodes ago, she seems to be constantly trying to attract his attention. I believe she has a slight lesbian tendency.

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But her tsunness just makes me want to forgive her completely for being such a lame boychaser.

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It turns out also that its Alto's birthday. So the directors have chosen this episode to be the episode where both girls AND boys can have their own fantasies about Alto in his different genders. I keep wondering if the directors of the series have always wanted a boy that looks like a girl so they can throw in some yuri and yaoi to the series. Maybe they did think it out quite carefully indeed.

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The fanservice continues...

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Oh and we must not forget our milfloli. It seems quite a few key characters in this series have two sides to them. First there's Alto, which can be a boy and girl, and there's Klan who can be a MILF and loli. I can't say I enjoy looking at Klan as a giant MILF. I mean, she IS after all the paragon of size but I think that balloons don't neccessarily make a woman.

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Despite all that, the directors have not forgotten to make Klan the cutest kid on the block when she is micronized into a loli. I believe that if someday people were to be genetically engineered to be macronized and micronized like the Zentraedi, the Kingdom of God should belong to the lolis.

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They have also brought out Alto's love for flying by throwing him off with Sheryl and leaving Ranka behind to cry a river. This is quite sad especially since Ranka went through all the trouble to try and see Alto. For once I didn't care that the new equipment on the veritechs were nice. Alto is just a stupid little bastard with his head in the air.

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Poor Ranka

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