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After watching Macross Frontier 15, I think that my suspicions that the Vajra attacks on Frontier is a conspiracy are confirmed. It seems there are perpetrators roaming the space between Frontier and Galaxy, and that the past distress communications, skirmish with the battleship from Galaxy, close encounters and the yellow-haired pretty boy were all pawns in a massive game of chess played by a bunch of wizards in Galaxy. It just begs the question... why? Why all the plans? Why all the effort to bring danger to Macross Frontier, the closest humans have come to towards the center of the Galaxy?

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Man... I wish this clone round would be one big failure. That crazy Grace just destroyed a whole planet and she is being cloned?! WTF. Yeah. She should die. Next to Steve Ballmer. After destroying the frontier planet with a freak fold sphere, she failed to kill Sheryl and Ranka and Alto. Question is, why are they doing something like that? They are such likeable people. But maybe its just because she's an android, serving a far greater purpose for the primary people behind bringing Vajra to the Macross Frontier Fleet. I get the feeling that the 112th Research Division were also destroyed because of a similar scheme. The Vajra simply followed Galaxy's lead and destroyed the spaceship, leaving Ranka with a tragic blow in her life. The question still remains... Why? Even if it were for individual profit, killing a few people would probably allow you to achieve much larger gains. But destroying entire spaceships, thwarting entire research groups and threatening entire population centers to me is just counterproductive.

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The role Galaxy has to play in this game is already confirmed to be quite large. Still, after being attacked mercilessly by the Vajra (or were they?), they ungratefully led a massive force of Vajra at the unsuspecting Macross Frontier, leaving them to fend for themselves and causing them to suffer at the hands of a brutal attack. It seems that now the architectural difference between Galaxy and Frontier were made clearer in this episode. Macross Galaxy was not built with a pleasant environment and good life in mind. It was built to develop and research technologies that companies could not profitably develop and produce on Earth. Thus, the massive corporations built a spaceship that was meant to be a spaceship, with corridors for roads and chemical plants for forests, populated it, and created a massive research and development center, factory and most of all, island, so no one can question what their ethics are, and no one can stop them from overproducing, or doing things like the ones they are doing now to Macross Frontier.

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In contrast, Macross Frontier, built with exploration in mind, was fashioned in such a way that it had to resemble Earth, and really looks like a more desirable place to live compared to Galaxy. People in the Macross universe don't seem to have much social mobility. Unlike Macross Galaxy, Frontier was built to sustain a balanced ecosystem, using up space the way the builders of Galaxy may see as unreasonably inefficient, and constructed a very earthly, very friendly environment. Which is why Macross Frontier, when attacked, tends to be in very bad shape. Every penetration in one of its ship's hulls causes it to lose air and water, disrupting the ecosystem, making it extremely vulnerable to attacks. It seems however, that Macross Frontier has far more tenacity than just succumbing to such a puny attack. The hole blasted in the main island seems to have already been patched up in the way most people would think of patching it. However, it does seem like it would be difficult to restore pressure after so much air has been removed from the main island.

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But it also seems that Frontier had lost one of its subships in the attack, the poor ship probably lost all its air and killed everyone in it. *moment of silence* The thing is I wonder why they want to jettison it instead of continuing to drag it along? Perhaps it would be a waste of energy to fold with dead weight? It seems the damage is starting to get to the people in Frontier, and is starting to affect their way of life, since most of the city seems burned up and damaged, and the streets seem empty. Perhaps its because the government is having trouble restoring air pressure, so the island is still uninhabitable. Galaxy has really done it this time. But the question still remains. Why? Why destroy a spaceship which is paradise compared to yours?

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Also, the President is right. It seems that if what they know about where the Vajra are (which is surrounding them). The loss of resources and damage to the spaceships would be the least of their concerns. Leon apparently is also involved as his private communications with Grace continue to go unnoticed. Still, he does not appear to have any remorse over the situation. He even looks like he is reporting with a smiling face! =(

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On a smaller scale, Ranka has reached the end of her health examinations. Doctors are pretty lucky aren't they? And I am sure Ranka would be wearing something under that. Not that I know... But I'll leave that to your imagination. Is Ranka really a Vajra queen? She really does not look like it. I mean, look at her! <3 She looks like the kind that can't tell the difference between a sock and a bunny slipper. Even if appearances can be deceiving, it is precisely appearances that are inherited from those you are related to. Maybe Vajras were once cute and loveable too? Maybe that cute thingy in the previous episodes is a Vajra?

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Alright, lets look at how Sheryl is doing. It seems she's trying her best to be tsundere. But when Ranka's around she just doesn't seem to be able to do it. Sheryl phails as a tsundere. I don't blame her though. Tsundere girls usually get away with their behaviour precisely because boys don't seem to have a choice, and the girl is on top. But this isn't the case, and Sheryl knows it. Ranka is jumping around with Alto too, and Alto cannot make up his mind. I don't blame him either. If I were in that situation, I'd do just what impz would do. impz: I'd bring them both to bed immediately.

Sorry I'm not clueless and gay like Alto.

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Seriously, when you have two of the most popular singers in the galaxy sticking to you, don't you feel anything? He probably has taken his role as a lead female actor too far. He's now becoming a girl. This is sort of the person you'd call a reverse reverse trap. He's a boy, but he looks female, but he acts like a boy but still doesn't show male tendencies! That's probably why these girls are so stuck with him. He's just gorgeous and most boys just aren't like that. Girls like gay guys?

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Not all hope is lost however, Ozma and his ex seems have an idea of whats going on. Its a good thing, so we don't have to keep banging at the screen hoping the clueless guys in the movie get victimized by the bastards at Galaxy. This would start to become very, very, very interesting. Over and out.

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