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A promotional e-mail came it today trying to sell me some album from an anime called Candy Boy, so I decided to check out what Candy Boy was (it sounded Yaoi but I thought maybe there would be moe girls involved). It turned out as a pleasant surprise that it was not Yaoi at all, and in fact far from it. The story is about two girls. Yes 2 girls and no boys (despite the name). So far, in the 2 episodes I have watched, there have only been 3 girls in the foreground, and no boys that were introduced, so I'm thinking we're in for some serious hot yuri action here.

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"Make sure you knock"

The two main protagonists are Sakurai Yukino 櫻井雪乃 and Sakurai Kanade 櫻井奏. The twins have been living together since they could remember (duh), but are very close to each other. Even though their dorm room has a double bunker, it seems that they always sleep on the lower bunk together. Sakurai Yukino is a very carefree girl who tends to do things happily without thinking and is always ready to express her feelings. Sakurai Kanade on the other hand, is a more serious character, but also goes deredere constantly, which makes her very attractive in my books. She seems to be stalked by a freshman Kamiyama Sakuya 上山咲夜, and is constantly a victim of her voyeurism and conspiracies with Yukino.

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They sleep together orz... This anime seems to be produced by the people a Nico Nico Douga, and is available to be watched for free over there. So far, 2 episodes have come out. But fans are already crying so loud for the third episode in the video comments, that sometimes the number 3s just block out the entire scene.

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Saku-chan. She never stops stalking Kanade. Somehow I think this girl has got some serious obsession issues over Kanade.

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(=_=;) (^◊^)

Saku-chan bothering Kanade again, while Yukino eats her breakfast happily.

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Yukino is a swimmer! We must see her in the olympics someday. Come to think of it, Japan doesn't get much in terms of medals in the olympics do they?

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Somehow, the producers are trying really hard to show that these two have more than just brotherly love between them.

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Yukino looks so cute when she is young. Makes you really really really wanna hug her KYAAAA...

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Saku-chan inviting them to her place for a christmas party. Look at how the tree behind them is painted. To think they would put so much effort into a background image. I can't even draw like that to save my life.

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Picture 11 in [Candy Boy]

Yes. Confirmed. Saku-chan has some serious issues. Just look at the posters. The last time I saw that kind of thing was in a certain movie Robbie Williams was acting in. He got arrested for it.

Picture 12 in [Candy Boy]

The words say: "COME ON, YOU GOTTA KNOCK FIRST". Looks like they're having some privacy troubles.

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Girls seem to be born with a certain gene that makes them always want to shop.

Picture 14 in [Candy Boy]

Kanade putting an earring on for Yukino. There isn't much to say about this anime apart from the fact that it plot hasn't come out yet and it looks to be a slice-of-life anime about the twins. The art I must say is very very nice for an anime and is worth a mention. Not only are the main characters drawn extremely well, but also the backgrounds and extras. Every element in each scene tends to be rendered with extreme care and all details taken care of, something you usually only see in movies like the ones produced by Makoto Shinkai. Overall, very pleasant little anime with a very light story. Now if only we had an actual schedule for it.

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