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The arrival of part-time model Kawashima Ami in to the world of Toradora today has caused an anomalous response in our favorite Toradora girl this week. Possible causes are Ami's use of Ryuuji as a scapegoat and the disclosure of her real self to Aisaka Taiga. Minorin, hoping to root for Taiga also wishes to create powerful impressions in Ryuuji for the purpose of 'protecting the relationship of him and Taiga', and for the purposes of comforting Taiga, provides us today with some of these powerful impressions.

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Minorin reveals her Minorin Radar for the purposes of determining if the newly transferred Kawashima Ami is truly a cute girl. Such secret technology is only used with extreme discretion and has finally been authorized to attempt to learn more about the presence of Ami, and to determine her cuteness. Minorin reports negative results, however.

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Minorin, after being asked what she thinks of a self-confessed airhead, begins to converse with the supernatural for wisdom.

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Her 15-second communion with the great spirits caused great stir in the unseen world, causing the spirits to possess her for a moment to warn Ryuuji about his impending doom.

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I've seen this somewhere...

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