Picture 1 in [100,000 hit thank you post]

Thank you minna-san for visiting my blog! And for those of you who commented on my "articles" HONTOUNI ARIGATOU (meaning: Thank you very much, for those of you not so inclined). This blog has been going for a year and 9 months now, and there were times when I tried to start something (lucky star comics) but never really continued it, and sometimes, my post count just went down to 0 for a whole month, but I've never for once decided to forsake my blog! From now on a DAILY EPIC POST IS THE TARGET. YES, THE FORCE IS WITH THE BLOG, MAY THE BLOG CARRY ME IN ALL CHALLENGES! Okay, enough lame talk. Alright, since so many people have visited my blog, I'm sure everyone wants to know who else has come here too, and what they use, so let's look at some of the statistics collected since the dawn of my site.

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