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KyoAni has a way of bringing comedy, drama and romance together in a nice little side story that is good enough to have a book of its own. This week and the last's are on a story about a long lost romance and a Fuuko-esqe presence that involved a cat and Misae. Yes, a cat. Ever wondered how Misae came to be like this?

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After meeting Misae, a guy called Shima Katsuki fell in love with her, and wanted to grant her a wish. However, he was extremely ill and knew that he could never make it to grant Misae a wish.

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Because he could not do it, he had to delegate this job to his cat, who stayed loyal to him to the end. He gave his cat a small bag and told him that there is a light in the bag that will grant Misae any wish she had. The cat took this to heart, and like Makoto from Kanon, decided that in order to carry out his master's wish, he had to make the transformation into a human being.

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Misae is a serious person. She is level-headed, organized and always knows what she is doing. Being entrusted with the honourable task of being the Student Council President, she was a respected figure in her school.

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Like every healthy girl in the the world of anime however, she has a crush on someone. This pseudo-cool looking student called Igarashi is Misae's current weakness.

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Little did she know he already had a girlfriend.

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Of course, Misae didn't know that. Meanwhile, Kanzaki in his human form came to Misae to try to grant her any wish. Innocently.

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Kanzaki was rather adamant at granting Misae's wish even though she didn't want it to. Because, this caused everyone to think that Misae has a special relationship with him. Which Misae didn't want anyone to think lest she could not get close to Igarashi

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Which cost him dearly.

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He even waited in the rain to so Misae would have to take care of him, in the hopes of calming her heart to say her true wishes, even though she didn't.

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But Kanzaki would not have Misae pass up the chance of being granted simply any wish she wanted. He had resolved to make sure Misae got her one true wish

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But Misae made it clear that she really did not want that wish to come true.

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And lo, her wish to not have the wish be married with Igarashi granted came true. Igarashi ended up with another girl.

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Kanzaki then scolded her hard and ended up crying himself because Misae was such a stupid girl.

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Eventually Misae started to like Kanzaki, because he was always kinder to her than Igarashi. It turned out that Kanzaki liked Misae too.

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Kanzaki waited outside her school, but her friends spotted him and decided to bring let him in to the school. However, you are not allowed to enter another's school, so they disguised him in a girl's uniform.

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And thus the story of how Kanzaki became a trap (Kanzako) for a day. Her his trappy cuteness spawned schoolwide attention and love from the boys and jealousy and hatred from the girls, even her his accomplices expressed regret at the moe level she he achieved from simply wearing a girl's uniform.

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Her His beauty surpassed all imagination, and attracted the likes of playboys and ikemen-wannabes in the school.

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Which wasn't exactly her his plan when he came to Misae's school.

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While in the school, she he saw Yoshino, the pop-star turned electrician in the present day, recklessly pursuing his ambition to be a rock star.

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For those of you who did not know, here is present-day Yoshino, his wife, Ibuki-sensei on the right and Misae on the left.

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Eventually, Kanzakoki Kanzaki found Misae in a student council meeting. Ibuki-sensei was just about to enter the room when she saw her him. Since it looked like Kanzako Kanzaki had something to say to Misae, she let her him talk to Misae. She He took the opportunity to confess to her, which was in many ways Shakespearean in comedy.

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Eventually, Misae found out it was Kanzaki, and went out with him. I am in your akimatsuri, possessing your dangoes.

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Misae, confessed her love for Kanzaki and wished for him to be with her all the time. However, Kanzaki, being a cat in human form, could not stay any longer.

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Kanzaki left, and Misae was destroyed.

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However, Kanzaki, still being determined to grant her wish, decided to return as best he could, as a cat.

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Misae did not realize this, and realized that the cat which kept following her around was her one true love.

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But later Okazaki the high priest of loli and shota spirits spoke to the cat and informed Misae of the cat's true nature. Misae realized that cat was Kanzaki and that she was always with him.

And they lived happily ever after.

Okay, so how many of you fapped to trap Kanzaki?

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