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I must say that after watching the first EP of K-ON, I feel like I was exposed to a sudden rush of pure win again. Not because the story was good or anything, or that KyoAni's art strikes again, but because its about a band, and the ending theme Don't Say "Lazy" is fukken awesome!

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I'm not going to go in depth into the story or anything, because bloggers at Seiha and Random Curiosity and other episodic blogs would've already explained it beyond the finest detail. What I'm going to rant about is how much I can't wait to see Yui go through the process of learning to play a guitar. I really want to see how KyoAni is going to show all the fine details of it, while not leaving out any drama and entertainment. But learning to play the guitar, is already plenty of entertainment in itself. But I want to see how the airhead Yui does it too.

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One of the best parts of learning an instrument is to join a band. Why do I say that? Well I have only good things to say about joining a band. Joining a band forces you to improve very quickly, since you are always playing with a group of people, the pressure is there to get better and not the band down. Hell, the only time I've really learned anything about the guitar is when I was in a band.

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Of course, getting good at it is one thing, getting the feel of it is another. I used to learn to play the guitar for what it was, and just to be able to play was just so boring. There was no room for passion in just learning the guitar because you feel guilty that other people can play better than you. I learned the real joy of playing an instrument is that you could play the songs you loved, the way you liked, when you liked it. After that, the passion just burns and you'll find yourself just wanting to play more and more and showing people what you've learned.

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Of course, the joys of simply learning songs isn't the end of it. Once you've mastered the arcane secrets of musical scales and chord progressions, you can start walking off and creating your own tunes. The wonders of learning an instrument is that you can also use it to experiment with all sorts of different sounds and different progressions. You can even fit your own tunes into your own chords and make up something completely different from what you've heard before! But I must admit I'm usually influenced by the music I listen to. In other words, after you know how to play an instrument, you can also write music! And its the same thing for any instrument, guitar or bass, piano or not.

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When I saw them play that generic music together, the first thing I had in mind was "oh man I don't think Yui would..." And she ended up saying "It wasn't very good wasn't it" and I felt like there was this arrow that was shot in my face. The thing was, it's an awesome way to warm up and get in sync with everyone in your timings before you do anything serious and heavy (like the K-ON ED (FUKKEN WIN!!) ) I'm sure Yui will figure it out.

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Anyway, I must excuse myself for another nice and shiny package has arrived, and I'm already thinking of getting myself an electric guitar. I wonder if I should stary trying some high distortion songs for once. Hmmm...

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In other news, I don't know what's going on in Haruhi's head after watching K-ON. I don't really like the look of the grin on her face either, and her silence is deafening...

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