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I just got my hands on two new figmas. These are Haruhi and Mikuru as Cheerleaders. The figmas turned out to be moderately exciting when I opened them. They are more like an incremental update to the existing Haruhi line of figmas. But updates are always good since they make all sorts of new possibilities for photocomics.

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At first glance it may seem like I was cheated of my money because the packages are the same with the exception of a new cap for Mikuru and Haruhi and new faces for them. However, careful observers will notice that the bat in Haruhi's package has got dents in it.

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Yes. This looks like something I might be able to use for the aftermath of a serious fight, or just Haruhi turning superhuman for a short time.

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Haruhi and Mikuru beckons you to come have a game with the invincible Kita High School Baseball team. The cheerleader uniforms are pretty damn good since they are molded in a very tasty way. Haruhi's shirt looks like its been all soaked up with sweat. Makes perfect sense for a healthy girl who ALWAYS runs around shouting that she's bored.

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GAR Mikuru is GAR

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Haruhi as always, reflects a bit more quality control than the rest of the figmas on the Haruhi line. The toning of her hair and the molding of her body shape and coloring are a bit better than the rest of the models. Maybe it's because she's the title character of the line, so she gets better treatment.

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The new Haruhi grinning face is also an awesome tool to make more Mikuru abuse scenes from. Observe how Haruhi is preparing to violate Mikuru for the nth time.

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Fortunately however, Kyon (oh he's returned to normal) is on hand to prevent Haruhi from doing too much damage. Looks like Mikuru now has a hope of preserving her marriageability for the future.

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Or we could always give Haruhi the task of cheerleading that will keep her a safe distance away from Mikuru while not keeping Itsuki too busy trying to clear up closed spaces. I'm actually thinking of getting a few more of the Haruhi packages for their bodies to use for the other figmas I have too. Then we can have a cheerleading group XD

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And the pom poms look like they could be worth something to the Lucky Star cast too...

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