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...because there is FELLI! And LOTS AND LOTS OF FELLI. After recieving a hundred times more than my prescribed dose of FELLI, I suddenly found myself unable to control the caps lock on my keyboard when it comes to FELLI, let alone walk to the bathroom after a stomach ache from laughing at this episode. Here are the 5 sides of FELLI...

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Tsun FELLI is so awesome, she could tear down ANY angel's AT Field from no matter how far away by just looking at them.

Picture 3 in [Regios 11 Is Pure Win]

Jealous FELLI is so full of win, she could cause the Fourth Impact to happen by just looking at Fon-Fon coaching some Chinese girl that appeared out of nowhere.

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Feel good FELLI could make upwards of 70% of the male audience of Koukaku no Regios to indulge in self excitation, while maintaining a constant armature voltage.

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Dere FELLI has the power to topple the Three Kingdoms, tear apart all five parts of Exodia, crush the Integrated Data Sentient Entity and bring mighty Gundams, Gurrens, VFs and EVAs to their knees.

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And finally, angry FELLI unleashes her most devastating skill of all...

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Poor president...

written by astrobunny \\ chrome haired, felli, koukaku no regios