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After rewatching the entire series again, the same anime that puzzled me once heavily continues to puzzle me. Either I haven't grown up enough to understand it yet, or I simply do not relate to it. The anime had such a good start. Sad as I am to admit it, this isn't my kind of anime. Though, there was one saving grace of it which made me continue to love it so, despite longing for a nicer and less abstract ending... not Shinji strangling Asuka. Episode 26's 10 minute skit of an alternate universe continues to capture my heart.

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It took me a while to realize it was an imaginary alternate universe that Shinji was contemplating. I was always wondering if Eva would actually end with some mysterious power restoring the entire world into what it should have become in the mid 21st century and have Shinji actually live a normal eroge life with normal parents which work in an university.

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And Asuka would come everyday to beat the loser to get him out of bed.

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And Rei isn't some crappy emotionless clone of Shinji's mom, but actually a normal girl who's really clumsy yet really egoistic like Asuka.

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And Shinji and his classmates are fanboys of Misato-sensei

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Ahh... one can dream... The style of some of the scenes (which looked like they were rushed... and I found out that they actually were like that because they just threw out sketches since they were so horribly behind schedule), I'm guessing someone could actually do a video comic on a cute alternate retelling of Eva, like ShinSeiki Eva-chan or something.

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But I guess the only reason why Rei's smile is so pretty is because she almost never smiled during the entire series.

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...except for this. Ah... I don't think I will be able to forget this smile, even 10 years after I stop watching anime, if that ever happens.

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Remember, whatever happens you must SMILE

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