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I felt inclined to say Asura Cryin is awesome after the 2nd episode, but after watching this 3rd episode, the dilly dallying and the messing around of that science-club meganekko was just irritating. Are they trying to lengthen the episode? If they are trying to save money with that, I don't think they are doing a very good job at it.

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... And whats up with the inconsistent art? I remember Kanade being a lot better looking than this. Maybe they are trying to... save money on artists?

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To think I was waiting so anxiously to see what would happen after Misao got pseudo-killed.

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Oh well, at least they compensated with some B grade fanservice

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And a loli. Yes. Lolis are always good. Perverted lolis are even better.

Picture 6 in [Asura Cryin 3]

Also, it seems Seven Arcs is trying to imitate Shaft's style of suddenly random poses and slight fancervice thrown in with a slightly artistic looking touch thrown in

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I also wonder what it is they were looking at. 4chan, help me please.

Picture 8 in [Asura Cryin 3]

YEAH. Definitely Shaft imitation.

Picture 9 in [Asura Cryin 3]

Misao is the greatest thing to happen to this series.

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And fanservice is fine too.

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Its kinda hard to decide now if this would be a Mahou Shoujo/Mecha/Harem anime. It seems to be a complete hybrid. We may be seeing a lot of these sorts of anime lately.

Picture 12 in [Asura Cryin 3]

One thing I can say is, the action scenes are just too short and unexciting. Kurogane basically pwns Hisui and then almost kills its ghost-pilot until the wimpy main character decides that no-one has to die or something idealistic like that. Precisely the stuff that put me off Gundam Seed Destiny.

Lets just hope future episodes aren't as empty as this one.

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