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Depending on one's interpretation of the story, one might think that hints are being scattered all over the place about Haruhi's real motives behind her irrationality. One might infer envy, pride or a simple hunger from attention from a certain someone

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However, one's inference could possibly be swayed further towards far deeper and far more primal feelings that mere need for attention, after seeing Haruhi's shocked face from noticing Kyon's intentions. Whether or not this is mere fear, or a shocked face of disbelief and disillusionment is in question.

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After all, her resulting 'disappointment' and 'melancholy' may lead us to believe that perhaps the result was not so much anger than sadness. Though even that is only one way of interpreting her actions after that.

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Perhaps she is just a simple girl who is suffering from a brain disorder that reduces her sensibility occasionally and forces her to act on impulse? And that anger from certain people may reduce her ability to maintain her motivation?

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The difficulties in inferring her real intentions and feelings are akin to the challenges in interpreting the Bible. Many schools of thought now exist, but it is obvious that a certain, more stereotypical one would probably prevail. She is labelled a God after all...

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