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Like lolikit says, I am a strange person because I seem to have a liking for both Haruhi and Aria. Although I am not sure what seemed to be perceived by him as two shows that are from opposite ends of some metaphorical spectrum, if my love for a show was to be measured by the amount of money I spend on them and by the number of posts that I make about it, I must say Haruhi wins hands down.

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But simply doing that runs afoul of the mere possibility that I write about Haruhi because it is a staple content for every anime blog, and the fact that Haruhi merchandise vastly outnumber that of ARIA's. It also ignores the ideals taught in ARIA. The beauty in little things, and things unseen. One does not need to lavish large amounts of money for the privilege of having an object of adoration on one's table. Likewise, all love comes from no other place but the heart.

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This is perhaps why I don't write much about ARIA, and why I don't spend much on getting little toys made to Akari's likeness. My passion is more of a private and reserved one. I prefer watching ARIA in quiet, keeping to myself images of all that is beautiful as Akari points each and every one of them, while giving an explanation of what she finds so nice about them.

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Well, I might be selfish in that way, that deep inside I refuse to say much about what I think must be the best show on Earth, and what most people should try to live up to. This also brings out the nature of my blog, as a place for rants, random talk and showing off, and not the embarrassing and greatly philosophical matters that most people expect from great writers.

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Speaking of showing off, I got two of ARIA's artbooks today. Stella and Cielo. Unfortunately one of the covers' corners was damaged in transit. I'm not sure what to make of it. If anyone has any idea on repairing hardcover books pray tell.

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Then again, that little dent might just be a grisly reminder that there are things I must endure as well. And that while I can sometimes take the time to meditate or read the manga, I must always be mindful that even seeing the beauty of many things takes strength, and the will to rise above the immediate concerns of the world to concentrate on higher, more important matters.

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It was when I realized that Akari was not only being capable of that, she was still humble enough to step down, and watch President Aria frolick in the water of Acqua Alta. All the while being able to enjoy the little treasures that life has always had to offer. Little treasures that, no matter how hard I looked, I was never able to find. Perhaps someday I and everyone around me may be endowed with this enviable talent as well?

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