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But first of all, we must thank the gods at SHAFT for bringing back lost at 8'o clock to satisfy our lolicon needs. *grabs jocksticks*

Picture 2 in [Tsubasa Cat Continues]

For the moments that they flashed a girl with a cap and loose jacket, I thought it was Nadeko, my favorite character in Bakemonogatari. However as soon as I came to the realization that Hanekawa was the current heroine, my disappointment levels rose.

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I must say that this is why pajamas will never go out of fashion. As long as they continue to make pajamas unsuitable for well endowed women to wear, we can never be sure that people will not make a curiously natural fetish out of them.

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Tsubasa Cat's story is very boring, but Bakemonogatari is kept alive by Hanekawa's vain attempt to stay cheerful whilst running away from her more imminent problems.

Picture 5 in [Tsubasa Cat Continues]

Of course, that is all solved by a very ruthless punch to the forehead.

Picture 6 in [Tsubasa Cat Continues]

Then again, I hope next episode we will be treated to some proper catfights.

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