Picture 1 in [Mafuyu goes to Tokyo]

First of all, I didn't know you could eat corn like this. I always chew at it. But I guess refined ladies must daintily pick out the individual corn bits off the column and chew them slowly. Touching corn was a no-no for me because I always had lots of butter on it.

Picture 2 in [Mafuyu goes to Tokyo]

I get the feeling that my suitcase is also going to be full of game hardware. Mafuyu is my role model now for me to follow before my trip to Tokyo.

Picture 3 in [Mafuyu goes to Tokyo]

I must also be gar and carry weapons too. But I don't think they would tolerate that on airplanes nowadays.

Picture 4 in [Mafuyu goes to Tokyo]

Though I think Mafuyu has got a really good sense of fashion, something seems out in this one she is wearing~gyaku ni.

Picture 5 in [Mafuyu goes to Tokyo]

I predict a tenfold increase in the number of Mafuyu's fans from today onwards.

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