Picture 1 in [Halswell Quarry]

Lately I've become more and more of an outdoors guy. I guess you change when you fall in love with someone and decide to spend more of your free time with that special someone. Hence, I decided that this weekend, I would bring Kagami out on another trip to one of the numerous parks in Christchurch.

Picture 2 in [Halswell Quarry]

This is the Halswell Quarry. It used to be a stone quarry, and after people noticed that it the miners were so creative that they carved out a really beautiful landscape out of all the stones that they were mining, they decided to turn it into a park.

Picture 3 in [Halswell Quarry]

We proceeded to walk the biggest hike trail we could find on the park. The first checkpoint was that lookout up there.

Picture 4 in [Halswell Quarry]

We found a little tree gifted to the park.

Picture 5 in [Halswell Quarry]

It was a cool tree.

Picture 6 in [Halswell Quarry]

Not much longer up the trail, I noticed something moving in my backpack. It turned out to be our resident stowaway.

Picture 7 in [Halswell Quarry]

Kagami gave Konata a lecture on why sneaking on to trips uninvited is dangerous and outright rude.

Picture 8 in [Halswell Quarry]

We saw a little plaque that bore the name of a city in England. Its funny how there are two Christchurch's on either side of the world.

Picture 9 in [Halswell Quarry]

Yep, looks like we should follow the red trail.

Picture 10 in [Halswell Quarry]

We climbed up to the point where we could see the huge fields below.

Picture 11 in [Halswell Quarry]

Then at the observation point, Group picture!

Picture 12 in [Halswell Quarry]

Sisters in arms.

Picture 13 in [Halswell Quarry]

The scenery was very surreal with all these huge barren diving slopes, reminding me of Korthos in Dungeons and Dragons Online.

Picture 14 in [Halswell Quarry]

We even got to read about how the stones here came about.

Picture 15 in [Halswell Quarry]

Of course, there were dangers associated with the awesome cliffs.

Picture 16 in [Halswell Quarry]

Basically we were walking on these magnormous stones that had a bit of soil on their surface that grew grass, and most of the cliff edges were barricaded with barbed wire and handrails.

Picture 17 in [Halswell Quarry]

And we noticed that we were on the right track. (well we didn't really know since there were so many crossroads but we hoped anyway)

Picture 18 in [Halswell Quarry]

There was even an arrow pointing where the trams used to go all the way from the city.

Picture 19 in [Halswell Quarry]

And there were so many of these branches that look like they were just burnt, but are surrounded by perfectly unburnt plants. Really weird.

Picture 20 in [Halswell Quarry]

There were times when it felt like an RPG.

Picture 21 in [Halswell Quarry]

An RPG like Myst...

Picture 22 in [Halswell Quarry]

We could see a lot of the southern part of the city from up here, like we could from the Port Hills.

Picture 23 in [Halswell Quarry]

And there were more paths through dark tree cover.

Picture 24 in [Halswell Quarry]

We found nice watering holes along the way too. How thoughtful of them to put them here.

Picture 25 in [Halswell Quarry]

More of those burnt things.

Picture 26 in [Halswell Quarry]

We even came to a junction that led to a pathway labelled this. Now we know where sheep get lambed (yum).

Picture 27 in [Halswell Quarry]

We came to another part where we could choose if we wanted to take the bright sunny way or the dark narrow winding path under more trees. We decided the dark narrow path was more interesting.

Picture 28 in [Halswell Quarry]

It had signs that litterbugs were far from extinct.

Picture 29 in [Halswell Quarry]

... and weird things probably happen around the area...

Picture 30 in [Halswell Quarry]

After several minutes of walking we finally found our way out.

Picture 31 in [Halswell Quarry]

Over our little walk out of the trail we noticed more interesting little things.

Picture 32 in [Halswell Quarry]

Christchurch is also a sister city of Kurashiki.

Picture 33 in [Halswell Quarry]

They built this awesome Japanese style bridge near it too.

Picture 34 in [Halswell Quarry]

And Kurashiki's mayor apparently gave Christchurch this.

Picture 35 in [Halswell Quarry]

Details follow...

Picture 36 in [Halswell Quarry]

The Japanese garden was really different with all its bamboo and stuff growing around

Picture 37 in [Halswell Quarry]

And lots of meditation space.

Picture 38 in [Halswell Quarry]

We even found an awesome piece of marble to sit on.

Picture 39 in [Halswell Quarry]

Tsukasa found this funny looking statue of statues gifted by the Koreans.

Picture 40 in [Halswell Quarry]

There were also these awesome statues with words written on them. I could only make out the left one saying "To Christchurch". I think.

Picture 41 in [Halswell Quarry]

There was an awesome artefact sitting there too.

Picture 42 in [Halswell Quarry]

And a really nice wall.

Picture 43 in [Halswell Quarry]

Though, this sign caught my eye. Kagami couldn't stop teasing Konata after seeing it.

Picture 44 in [Halswell Quarry]

... and Konata didn't seem too happy about it in the car.

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