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After a short night's sleep we woke up to the fresh smell of K-ON and hotel room to start our day.

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Next we headed down into town to find a karaoke place that we were supposed to meet up at.

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And then we sang for eight hours.

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Kagami had fun too.

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Yes that's basically all we did all day before I jumped on another jet plane to land in Malaysia.

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The next morning me and Kagami decided to have a look around our local spaceport apartment. Turns out there's a nice swimming pool.

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And badminton courts! Great places to keep fit.

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And a cafe to provide food for those activities.

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There's a little flower garden too! We will have to do a photoshoot here sometime.

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And there was a nice playground for Kagami to run around in.

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There were also some courts for those more inclined to play with balls.

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We decided to hang out at the pool for a bit to cool off in the tropical heat.

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But ended up playing in the water.

Picture 14 in [Equatorial Adventures 2]

View of the area from upstairs. Note that the Zentraedi-sized piano was actually built for the purposes of entertaining our giant guests once, but nowadays its form is less functional and more as a source of aesthetic appeal. Our giant friends have also gone to less heavily populated micronian areas to entertain themselves.

Picture 15 in [Equatorial Adventures 2]

View of Kuching City from the tower with Mount Santubong in the background. Legend has it that a fallen titan fell to earth and became the soil that formed that mountain. Hence the face-like shape of the mountain.

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After a long hot walk under the sun, we decided to take a break and chill out with nice cold drinks.

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It also turned out our stowaway was an impostor all along. HIIRAGI!

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And Reimu just drinks too much... even in this hot weather.

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