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Back to talking about my trip to Singapore before last week. That night we went to a nice little restaurant called Ikoi (relaxation) in a Hotel Miramar somewhere on the island.

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Its really just a restaurant where you sit down, pay a fixed price and order whatever you want for the rest of the night. And its ALL Japanese food. Obviously, the place gets very full because this kind of payment is extremely worth it.

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First of all, we had Chawan Mushi, which was basically egg and meat cooked in a very mysterious way that creates a soft pudding like texture yet salty and with mince at the bottom of the cup.

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We had tempura too! This needs no commentary.

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Then we had dead fish served on a nice boat. We tried eating the wasabi alone. It actually tasted really good in large amounts.

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Kagami seems to like the smell of raw salmon and tuna.

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Next was the cold tomato. It was no joke. It really was cold tomato.

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Agedashi tofu! They just make the best stuff.

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And awesome handrolls.

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Kagami does the honours with the soup from the obinmushi.

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We also get soup boiled at the table! Its got some awesome veges inside. Moms if you want your kids to eat their veges this is a good one.

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More fish! This is fried though, and has LOTS of fish egg in it. Fish eggs just make it taste so awesome.

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And then we had even more salmon!

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This came out of the soup. Douzo omeshiagare!

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And even more cooked salmon.

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And yakitori.

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And taking pages out of gluttony's notes, we decided to have some zaru soba as well at the end of it.

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Meanwhile, we have Shia from The Bonkurasu Brigade and Ooga from The Banzai Effect watching over the lolis on the other side of the table.

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On the next day, it was time to leave... So it was off to the airport with us.

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Because the flight was late at night, we sat around...

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Climbed the little artifacts around the airport...

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Saw some dinosaurs...

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And just stood around looking at planes.

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Time passes quickly when you're having fun talking to a loved one so it was soon time to takeoff.

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The night we took off, a lunar eclipse occured.

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