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Just strolled around today around Flinders Street station. This is a picture post Picture 2 in [Melbourne Day 4]

The city looked really flash from this side of the bridge

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Lots more buildings on this side.

Picture 4 in [Melbourne Day 4]

Kagami enjoying herself.

Picture 5 in [Melbourne Day 4]

This was interesting. They were apparently collecting junk that was flowing in the river to improve it. Quite a cool contraption.

Picture 6 in [Melbourne Day 4]

The bridge that had a bunch of artsy statues

Picture 7 in [Melbourne Day 4]

Apparently this is called the Walking Sun

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Picture 12 in [Melbourne Day 4]

A strangely shaped building.

Picture 13 in [Melbourne Day 4]

And a cool bridge adorn the river.

Picture 14 in [Melbourne Day 4]

Melbourne's train network, like Tokyo's is very straightforward. Just take the train in the right direction and you'll be fine.

Picture 15 in [Melbourne Day 4]

While stopping at Malvern, I saw this awesome shop selling some ancient goodies

Picture 16 in [Melbourne Day 4]

Like this very old fashioned cash register.

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