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My first time making Omurice before going out for sunset at the beach Picture 2 in [Melbourne Day 5]

It was tasty too.

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Melbourne's skyline in the distance. We will walk there from here after the sun sets.

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Kagami on Akai's camera.

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Kagami and Tsukasa relax as the sun sets.

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The sun's finally set and the girls are chilling out on the bag.

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The skyline under the influence of a cross filter.

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Akai discovers The Sign.

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St Kilda's Marina. This is where you park your boat if you have one. There's even a tavern on the left side for sailors.

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Approaching the city... well, sort of. We would have been walking for 4 hours straight towards the city from the beach.

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I took this photo while waiting for the tram into the city.

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After a long walk, we found ourselves outside another Japanese restaurant. This time we had Gyoza.

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Some takoyaki

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Fried rice

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Ramen with Karaage

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And some tonkotsu ramen for me. It didn't taste that awesome though. Nothing compared to the one in Auckland.

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And downed it with some Plum Wine.

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The shot tower in Melbourne Central. Apparently they just built a shopping complex and train station around the building. Epic.

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