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Near where I live in Nerima, there is a little river called Shakujii River. Since this place is fairly far away from the city, its actually quite a bit cooler and so the trees haven't sprouted many leaves yet. I decided to have a little look at the blooming situation along this river of many bridges. Picture 2 in [Hanami with Kagami Day 2]

Kagami notices a flower with four leaves. This is a fairly strange sight and deserves mention.

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Apparently these trees were planted by a Nerima Lions' club on their 20th anniversary. These trees are called Someiyoshino, or Yoshino Cherry Trees. Their leaves are quite pale, making them look very white during blossoms.

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A little sign telling us about the Shakujii River water level warnings. Apparently even a waterway this deep can flood at times.

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Here we are on a tree thats got a lot more leaves than most of the others. Shakujii is very much a bedroom town, and it is actually one of the closer ones to the Tokyo city center. Despite the entire Nerima city being part of the 23 special wards, it is mostly a place where people live and anime companies breed.

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This is a bridge near the Shakujii apartments. The green hues contrast really nicely against the pinkish colors that come from the flowers. It reminds me of the apartment Rikka lives in.

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One of the great things about this river is it is a wonderful place to jog. The insane number of bridges that cross this river is also due to the fact that this area is home to quite a lot of people.

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Here is Kagami climbing trees again. Her clothes' fabrics don't take very kindly to getting rubbed on the bark.

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The entire river is actually lined with lots of Sakura trees, and the river is very well fenced, making it a great place to cycle and jog.

Picture 10 in [Hanami with Kagami Day 2]

Here is a nice little shot from one of the bridges along Shakujii River.

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