Picture 1 in [Heart Lab]

The only reason this anime stands out to me is its extremely liberal use of the butt-like shape we all know is used to represent love.
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Picture 1 in [Free!?]

The opening of this show looks like a sports drink commercial. Why did you do this to us Kyoto Animation? This seems to represent a new attempt at luring a demographic that's completely alien to anime. As usual however, the stunning visuals and incredible graphics that have been hallmarks of Kyoani for the past decade haven't gone elsewhere yet, and the show is actually surprisingly fun to watch.
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Picture 1 in [Dat Feeling]

When I buy something online, and it magically arrives on my doorstep.

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Picture 1 in [My thoughts exactly.]

Picture 2 in [My thoughts exactly.]

I mean come on, Ayase. Come on.

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Picture 1 in [Satan works at MgDonalds huh...]

When I read that satan fell from the sky, I did not realize it was to this extent...
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Picture 1 in [SHE SAW IT]
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Picture 1 in [Everybody Loves Somebody]

Now we all know where Tamako's good looks came from. This little story has revealed much. We now know the extreme punomenon that caused this show to exist.
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Picture 1 in [Cucumber and Mayonnaise]

Two of the things animators these days love showing are phallic objects and white fluids. It is even less surprising when you watch it in a show like this. It makes sense in context, but they also know that people like me will be postings things like this.
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Picture 1 in [Monster Sashimi Anyone?]

This must be how they feed the populace regularly. There is no way that small set of farms that surround that city on that island can produce enough food for all these people.

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Picture 1 in [The single most heartwarming show this year]

I can't remember watching a show that could produce so many awws, dawwws and some bawwws from me. It takes a special kind of inspiration to produce something like this. Even though it doesn't have that deep plot and intriguing personalities we all love from Psychopass, this show just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, like Usagi Drop.
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