Picture 1 in [The Elephant in the Room]

"Gawd. Why'd they have to keep these huge and dangerous animals as pets?" says Nagi.
"I don't understand either, since they are alll huge and dangerous" says Maria.

It was, and still is amazing and shocking how often people ignore the elephant/tiger in the room. If I didn't know better I'd say this is satire for real life. An example comes out of the internet and webmaster talk itself. Many people talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization for those of you who aren't so inclined) of their websites. They hold conferences and talk about Yahoo, Google and Microsoft's search engines. The thing is, when people talk about search engines, they really only mean one thing. Google.

The fact that Google dominated this side of the internet so completely and so quickly is something most people cannot yet fathom. It's so great, so overpowering, like how dubs are so horrible, that it is in the rebellious nature of humans to deny it. No one really wants to admit it. But when I say search engine, the first thing that comes to mind, is Google no matter where you live.

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Picture 1 in [LOL @ Maid Isumi]

It looks like she plans to start a fight in that maid costume of hers. I wonder what she intends to do in that unwieldly and heavy dress.

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Picture 1 in [WGFL]

Cute and sweet ED is so lovely and wonderful. I was fawning over this picture for over an hour before I got over how cute they painted Nagi in this ED. It almost made me forget that the Hinagiku ED was replaced by this one.

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Picture 1 in [Hinagiku no Gotoku 11]

Nagi and Maria sure have some weird tastes. This is actually a picture post of our Sweetie Pie and Raison D'etre. Katsura Hinagiku, as a celebration of the coming of her in-show birthday on Hinamatsuri Matsuri and of the way she blushes.

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Picture 1 in [Day of Eavesdropping]

A Bakaouple has appeared! Another nonsense episode for a nonsense day.

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Picture 1 in [Hayate 9 ('s Preview) is exciting!]

Hayate 9 is another one of those nonsense episodes which sometimes make you wonder why you even watch it. But its scenes like these that make all your wasted time watching silly things worth it. But! It seems we've been given quite a decent sneak preview of whats coming up next, which may or may not be as much a waste of time as this episode is:

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Picture 1 in [OMG ISUMI IN SKIRT]

There are things you wait for all your life to happen in anime, and there are some things that you never expect to happen that enable you to die happy. Putting Isumi in a skirt is like KyoAni actually broadcasting Mio's nice bowl. Its that awesome. But still not as awesome as Miss 3rd of March. =D

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Picture 1 in [Hayate no Baka.]

SERIOUSLY, SINCE WHEN DID HAYATE NO GOTOKU TURN FROM SUNDAY MORNING CHILDREN'S SHOW TO LATE NIGHT EROGE ADAPTATION?! ZETSUBOUSHITA!!! ... Anyway, apart from the ugh and the ergh of the show, this episode is pure win in terms of harem quality and tsundere power. Over the last season the girls in Hayate no Gotoku have been developed so well (in terms of character, not what you're thinking) that this kind of episode was the logical next step. DESPITE it being the logical next step, I still didn't see this one coming.

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Picture 1 in [Ah so Hayate isn't a complete blockhead after all]

He actually has man feelings.

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Picture 1 in [Somehow Nagi Captured my Heart this episode]

I-i-i-its not like she's my type or anything! I STILL LIKE HINAGIKU BETTER. I j-j-just thought that sh-sh-she at least, you know as main character should have some more coverage! Don't misunderstand! This is exclusively a picture post on Sanzenin Nagi because I'm too lazy to write anything today.

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