Picture 1 in [Bakemonogatari ends with a Hitagisome ending]

My point exactly. Hitagi is now synonymous with Awe.

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Picture 1 in [Figma Channel: 3D and 2D?]

Kagami : You know, I wonder why some people keep going after voice actors nowadays. Some voice actors are even becoming as famous as the anime characters that they voice.
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Picture 1 in [Summer Stampede]

Its summer 2009, and I've never said this before, but there's too much anime to watch. There are more than 20 weekly shows lined up and another 10 sets of OVAs and OADs to watch out for. That's 1 1/2 hours a day, 10.5 hours a week, 45 hours a month. Not much. But the time spend downloading performing black magic on the shows is enough to drive me mad. Don't know about you though.

For those of you still in the dark, you guys can check out the multitude of blogs that blog about all the anime this summer. There are so many of them, I couldn't be bothered doing a summer list this time, since there are so many of them. If you're really lazy, click on the jump.

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Picture 1 in [Watching stuff on the go]

Sometimes when you're sitting on a train you look at some wonderful things and wonder what Akari would say when she saw it. Well, if you own the DVDs, there are nice groups who produce anime encodes for the PSP and DS (with subtitles). Now you don't have to mutter the words "HAZUKASHII SERIFU KINSHI" to yourself while you try and imagine the scene where Akari treats herself to the amazing views of Neo-Venezia

Picture 2 in [Watching stuff on the go]

Obviously, you'll be watching them low-res, so it would be ideal if you don't strain your eyes to see fine details, and just relax and enjoy the show.

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Picture 1 in [Anime Blogger Panel]

While most of us are introverts and hikikomoris that lock ourselves in the room all day and blogging hoping that complete strangers would take notice of us and eventually make our blog famous so that we may one day become Omni and have the awesomest blogging site of the century, it seems a group of prodigal anime bloggers have made an effort to bring to the society a little more awareness of the anime blogger community. I was pretty late at finding this because RL gets in the way sometimes, but for those of you who do not yet know about the NYAF Anime Blogging Panel by Hinano, JP Meyer and DS from Daijoubu, you can watch it here: http://animediet.net/conventions/nyaf-anime-blogger-panel-the-video

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Picture 1 in [Nogizaka Haruka: Oh the lulz]

Anime is attractive to me when it exceeds my expectations, or deviates from it off the edge of the earth. Today, I was expecting to watch Nogizaka Haruka 7 and go "awwwwww" but instead, it sent me flying backwards towards the wall with a +10 LOL Gun. This episode is an inspired, creative cocktail that sent shockwaves down my funny bone.

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