Seriously, Mr. President. Seriously. This isn't the West Virginia Primaries, nor is it a Korn concert. And it definitely isn't the stage of [insert Japanese idol who loves to speak engrish here] 's concert. I digress. I would love to see an American President do something like this. I could not have LOL'ed harder when I was looking at this. The feeling was an describable mix of amusement and embarrassment. I was half-expecting Miku and friends to jump out and start dancing.

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Picture 1 in [Regios Needs Moar Felli]

Felli was given almost ZERO air time this episode. Did the artists lose control of their hands or something? An episode without Felli is an episode FAILED. Thankfully however, this episode does not fail because it still has Felli. But it is very close to being FAIL in my books.

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