Hajimari no asa ni hikaare.

This is by far a very very big favorite for me, particularly because it is always used to wrap up some really awesome finishing scene or cliffhanger, and also because I've gotten addicted to it, I just open youtube for the sake of listening to this song. Or maybe its just because Hojo Kuniko is so awesome.

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Picture 1 in [OMG ISUMI IN SKIRT]

There are things you wait for all your life to happen in anime, and there are some things that you never expect to happen that enable you to die happy. Putting Isumi in a skirt is like KyoAni actually broadcasting Mio's nice bowl. Its that awesome. But still not as awesome as Miss 3rd of March. =D

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Picture 1 in [Hayate no Baka.]

SERIOUSLY, SINCE WHEN DID HAYATE NO GOTOKU TURN FROM SUNDAY MORNING CHILDREN'S SHOW TO LATE NIGHT EROGE ADAPTATION?! ZETSUBOUSHITA!!! ... Anyway, apart from the ugh and the ergh of the show, this episode is pure win in terms of harem quality and tsundere power. Over the last season the girls in Hayate no Gotoku have been developed so well (in terms of character, not what you're thinking) that this kind of episode was the logical next step. DESPITE it being the logical next step, I still didn't see this one coming.

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Picture 1 in [Ah so Hayate isn't a complete blockhead after all]

He actually has man feelings.

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[flashvideo filename=http://www.astrobunny.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/hinagiku.flv width=500 height=282 /]

I just died.

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Picture 1 in [Hayate needs moar Hinagiku]

This is a Hayate post. Those of you eagerly awaiting season 2 are given a small appetizer of what's coming up in this OVA. For those of you who are waiting for subs however, don't continue reading since this post is just going to spoil it for you. This post is just a post scraping together what little win the episode has, and turns it into a collection of the meagre memories of the entre to the 2nd season.

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Picture 1 in [Happy Birthday Katsura Hinagiku!]

She's my favorite character in Hayate no Gotoku. Now, to comemmorate her birthday, let us relive some of the scenes from Episode 48.

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