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Today I want to talk about how much I admire Karin. I have always wanted a big round table that would surround me with displays and that I can do all my work on. Also, those hairclips are the awesomest things in the world. Ahh... some people can be so lucky.

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Picture 1 in [Balloon Escape]

The realisticness of anime knows no bounds.

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Hajimari no asa ni hikaare.

This is by far a very very big favorite for me, particularly because it is always used to wrap up some really awesome finishing scene or cliffhanger, and also because I've gotten addicted to it, I just open youtube for the sake of listening to this song. Or maybe its just because Hojo Kuniko is so awesome.

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Picture 1 in [Kuniko is so cute~]

I'm sure all of you agree. This is one of Gonzo's better productions. Purely a picture post.

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