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I remembered when LCD color monitors started to be sold for desktop computers and not just for notebook computers, which were beginning to be much more mobile as LCDs were being used as their displays. I was born into an era where computing was already (inevitably) blazing down the path of dominance of everyone's lives. Despite LCDs still being far inferior to CRTs (yuck), and their refresh rates hideously slow, it did not take long for LCDs to improve from that monochrome display used by the the computer seen above (which was my first notebook computer btw), into low refresh rate low brightness versions of the wonderful displays we know today.

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Fast forward to one week ago, Dell sent in one of their almost-phased out version of their 24" desktop LCDs, the 2407WFP. Despite being sold at clearance prices now, this panel still trumps many many other panels in terms of performance (6ms refresh), image quality (1:1000 contrast WOOT) and vividness (5% brightness lights the room up as well as the fluorescent lamp on the ceiling). The box came in such a wonderful, such conspicuous glamor that everyone in the house couldn't help but ask what it was (-_-").

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