Picture 1 in [Azu-nyan No. 2]

Last week, when I saw Azusa playing with catnip, I had sleepless nights over what KyoAni had in store for us. I got the feeling that it had something to do with Azu-nyan or cats but I just couldn't figure it out.

Picture 2 in [Azu-nyan No. 2]

Azusa seems to have an affinity for cats. I wonder if nicknames have that effect. It is funny because when I adopted the nickname astrobunny, I learned about Touhou, and then I watched the first ep of Haruhi Season 1. Maybe nicknames really do have an effect on a person's life. Perhaps some research is in order.

Picture 3 in [Azu-nyan No. 2]

Azusa however, seems to be scared of cats the same way I initially haeted Reisen for killing me in one of the Touhou games.

Picture 4 in [Azu-nyan No. 2]

Azunyan yawns, cat yawns.

Picture 5 in [Azu-nyan No. 2]

Azunyan sits around, cat sits around.

Picture 6 in [Azu-nyan No. 2]

Azunyan stretches, cat stretches.

Picture 7 in [Azu-nyan No. 2]

Ahhh this is the episode of my dreams. Next up will be a tribute to what seems to have become the winner of the polls, Akiyama Mio!

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