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I'll tell you what I like about Shugo Chara, and its not the millions of doujins spawned about the kind of underaged contact a small (I hope) community seems to fancy. But its how they make being good kids look so cool. I must admit, Shugo Chara is sometimes embarrasing, but often they make very very good points about some very good ideals and show the consequences of not upholding these ideals.

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The latest one I watched in my catchup roll is about hiding things. This latest episode teaches us all the disadvantages of hiding things from others in a very very well set up plot and a final avalanche of misfortune that completely piled itself on Amu at once.

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Of course, simply reading about it wouldn't make much impact, but the producers of Shugo Chara are not just your ordinary storytellers. The show actually makes a point about hiding secrets, and prepares some subtle warnings about the impending trouble

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Once all that is ready, it puts in a bit of an event and drives the point home.

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At which stage, Amu, and hopefully the audience learns its lesson. Honesty is truly the best policy.

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Also worthy of note is Amu's mom's handling of her finding out Amu was hiding a boy in her room, something not taken very lightly by most parents. However, with domestic violence on the rise, many parents don't handle this as calmly as Amu's mom does, and tend to resort to physical means to discipline their children.

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Of course, parents should always act as mature as possible in front of their kids, lest they want their kids to be vengeful offspring of their anger. Amu's mom dealt with Ikuto and Amu in such a calm manner, and showed that she felt sad that Amu hid things from her, and even offered to help Ikuto.

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Instead of leaving their kids to watch this alone so they can go about their own business, I think parents should sit down with their kids and watch this and learn from it themselves. After all, there is so much little children can teach us adults.

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