Picture 1 in [ef - 12] Chihiro is well endowed.

After finishing ef I finally discovered how lame an ending can be, and how much effort an anime studio can put in to impressing people and ultimately fail. Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed this show while it lasted, and I believe it is one of the few shows that have left a lasting impression with me as being "not as bad as it really is". I always had my reservations when I knew SHAFT was going to be doing an anime adaptation of a hentai game. Somehow I had the feeling that it was going to be somewhat similar to the style used in Negima!?. However, the animators took it one step further and used many art styles and tried many tones and expressions of space in the animation. I say they "tried" because this anime seems more of an artistic experiment more than anything else. An attempt to try out new and random ways of portraying the characters and the mood in the show, and to gauge its effectiveness in immersing the viewer in the show. I feel that they have succeeded in some, and failed in others. Sometimes the show gets pretty nice, because the effects somehow immerse the viewer into the mood. Sometimes its just plain random. Of course, beauty is in the the eyes of the beholder.

As much as I feel like writing lots of philosophy about beauty and arguing semantics and how people define what, I am here to rant. Yes. I am here to rant and complain about how disappointed I am with a fansub group that I had tremendous respect for in terms of fansub quality. I think they just plain became lazy on this one.

Picture 2 in [ef - 12]

"Itsuka atarashii sekai ni habatakeru no"
Someday I will flap my wings towars a new world

First of all, WTF IS THIS!? Which part of it says, fly high or make it or believe!? That doesn't make any sense. You could argue that flapping could be flying but where the hell does the "believe" come in?

Picture 3 in [ef - 12]

"yuuyami semaru machi no keshiki ni tatazumu hitori de"
I hang around by myself in a city bathed in the twilight

Oh yes, I see the lonely nights part hehe. its written in the full stop -.- wait, there's no full stop. LOL.

Picture 4 in [ef - 12]

"Kasumu sora yuragu kuuki sae"
Under the hazy sky and the trembling atmosphere...

... takes a deep breath?

Picture 5 in [ef - 12]

"Zutto nanika sagashite"
What have I been looking for?

Not being able to find something sure makes you feel like a loser doesn't it? But it's alright. Says who? XD nyoron~

Picture 6 in [ef - 12]

"Shizumu kurai yoru no"
The depressing and dark night...

Yes! Break thru it! Fight the dark night and fight the depression! \o/. Man, I really have no idea how the subs below relate to the lyrics. Maybe menclave is trying to make a parody of ef. Maybe I downloaded the wrong one.

Picture 7 in [ef - 12]

"mukou e hashiridasu"
..run beyond it!

But I'm Afraid that this Time I can't? Because that's not what the lyrics are saying!!

Picture 8 in [ef - 12]

"Takanaru mune no kodou furikiru GEEJI"
The drums in my chest beat faster and faster, shaking free from the gauge

Again, I think I see some similarity between the lyrics and the subs given here. I don't know about the be alive part though. BOOM BOOM I SURELY FEEL MY HEARTBEAT

Picture 9 in [ef - 12]

"Afureru namida wo kechirase"
Get rid of the overflowing tears

Yes, you can say goodbye to your tears that you don't need. Who said anything about overflowing? They singer is just kidding.

Picture 10 in [ef - 12]

"Yume o tsukande"
And reach for your dream!

Don't forget to believe in your dream too, lest you won't catch it.

I don't see how a bunch of very simple translations for a few lines of lyrics can be difficult for the masters at Menclave. Man, I don't have a JLPT but I did this in like, 5 minutes, it might not be entirely accurate and such but hell it's better than the shit we've been given. I pity the poor guys who want to learn Japanese by reading this stuff. They'll be spending hours and hours of their lives trying to relate the lyrics from the subs which are never related in the first place -.-;

written by astrobunny \\