The Melancholy of Astrobunny

Picture 1 in [About]I've run about here and there trying to make the perfect website, but never seem to get anywhere. I've got hardly any artistic talent. All of my pages never get around to completion and my pages hardly have any content.

Alright then, I was wandering around with a little blog on blogger that I struggled to update. It wasn't that I had nothing to put on it, it was just that I didn't have the discipline. Yep. I know my problems. Oh well. I guess that's just me. But I'm now making it a point to update as often as I possibly can, placing in stuff that happens around me as if I was writing a diary, and of course, sharing everything with all my family and friends.

I like anime. It gives me a smile every day and something to think about. Most importantly, it fills my free time, which isn't really free time, just time when I'm not in the mood to do anything. Why wouldn't I be in the mood to do anything? Well, its when the lecturers mark my test papers wrong and the girl sitting behind me gets the top few places in class.

"If there was a God, He must be a very biased person without a sense of humour" - Kyon.

Picture 2 in [About]Sigh! How I wish I could do lots of things and quickly be skillful in it. Even programming, which most people say is my forte, isn't something I'm extremely proud of. Mainly because I don't really like doing it hours on end. But without doing it hours on end, you make no progress. I'm just good at it, but it stops there. I guess its more of an attitude problem. I got the wrong attitude about things. Well, I try to correct it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. As with other things, well. Most people say practice makes perfect. That sounds really nice when it comes out of your mouth, but seriously when you come to think of HOW you wanna do it, I dunno about you but I'd rather be playing my guitar or watching Manabi Straight. I wish I was a Coordinator. Then I could learn new things in a really short time. Oh my that would be great. I was a big fan of Kira, since he can program too. Geek.

But then some guy named Shinn came along, and with Kira ruined the whole Gundam Seed Destiny. Argh I'm going off topic again. Ahhh how I would love to sit down in a nice warm beach sipping lemonade and listening to SoundTemp's Theme of Alberta. That would be the ultimate blessing for me. Instead of going thru hell a.k.a. University and having to toil all those sleepless nights trying to get the report for an "imaginary client" done. It would be great if I could start a big business, earn tons of money and get all those silly problems over with.

Picture 3 in [About]But I guess life ain't that fair. Isn't that right? Shinn? Yeah I know you wanna smack Kira on the head as well. Me too. I couldn't help but laugh tho, when I saw Athrun's mom give a cabbage to Kira's family as a present. A Genetically Modified one at that (lol). I guess you'd know the story by now. Kira hates vegetables. KIRA HATES VEGETABLES.

Of course I could stay up all day writing all my complaints about life but hell. My stomach's getting hungry. Yes it isn't me. Its MY STOMACH. WHY WHY WHY does it have to get hungry?? Why can't we just have horns to absorb energy from the Astral Plane? That way we could be so much more productive instead of taking 1 hour lunches which our employers are never happy about.

So, if there was an answer to all of life's problems, please let me know. I'm desperate. For now, I gotta continue to get on with my life and struggle a bit. I mean, whats life when its all enjoyable?

AAARGH!?! What am I saying!?

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