Picture 1 in [Twin Twintails FTWin!]

Today, Nyankoi served us with not one,

Picture 2 in [Twin Twintails FTWin!]

But two twintailed servings of awesomeness! MOE MOE NYAN.

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I'm starting to feel sorry for Kaede as she now faces what would probably be the toughest challenge in her entire life: To defeat the twintails and win the heart of Junpei! Well, little does she know, she's already won the prize and is completely ahead of everyone else. But people never spot things right under their nose anyway.

Picture 4 in [Twin Twintails FTWin!]

But, as an anime fan, and an even bigger fan of twintails, I feel very obliged to fanboy over twintails, even if I'm rooting for Kaede, for just this one episode, because two twintails in one harem is just so much awesome it would wake up the dead otakus.

Picture 5 in [Twin Twintails FTWin!]

So two thumbs up for a twintailed win tale this evening, because the essence of anime is, after all, within the two ponytails on either side of the girl's head.

Picture 6 in [Twin Twintails FTWin!]

And the tsundere one is just too clumsy for her own good.

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