Picture 1 in [Blacksmith is Medevial K-ON]

Except girls in medevial times don't hang around drinking tea and making music. They hang around drinking tea and fighting as knights with custom chest armor.

Picture 2 in [Blacksmith is Medevial K-ON]

Cecily Campbell seems to be very determined to be a knight. What amazes me is that people actually let her be a knight. I would've thought that once you gain knighthood you'd have the courage and ability to do your job at least fairly competently.

Picture 3 in [Blacksmith is Medevial K-ON]

But she's just a victim of her own maid.

Picture 4 in [Blacksmith is Medevial K-ON]

Now imagine if that was Mio.

Picture 5 in [Blacksmith is Medevial K-ON]

We even get to see Cecily work as a maid in her own house.

Picture 6 in [Blacksmith is Medevial K-ON]

Though it seems being a knight isn't the only thing she hasn't managed to do properly yet.

Picture 7 in [Blacksmith is Medevial K-ON]

Man, if this story were authentic and true, medevial people must have had it good. Though these days, most of us would probably find it difficult to imagine life other than what we experience nowadays.

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