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Ken is right. There are some things better off not growing up. One of them is our beloved pink haired Aka-chan, slowly overtaking Mafuyu in my books as favorite character of Seitokai.

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She's such a kid when it comes to sweets and candy, and she tries the most childish ways to bluff her way to what she wants.

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And she even lacks any sense of reason you'd expect a high school student to have. With her Kanji vocabulary going, I'm surprised she even got into high school. Or this is perhaps why Ken found a way to the valedictorian spot so easily.

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But even MokyuChizuru is nowhere as cute as her.

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Her position as President of the student council suits her surprisingly well in the sense that her appeal puts her in an unique position of power, compared to your stereotypical student council president.

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If I were a student there I'd listen very carefully to her letter-like announcements.

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But Mafuyu's little stunt of not wearing pantsu pushed her points up temporarily today, so she's still my favorite. <3

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