Picture 1 in [Mysterious box]

Drossel found a mysterious box today. And the logical way to kill schrodinger's cat is to let it out of the box. And so Drossel set out to opening the box to find out its contents...

Picture 2 in [Mysterious box]

It turned out to be an ordinary cup with a stick of glue inside.

Picture 3 in [Mysterious box]

Kagami: Hold on a second. I've seen that somewhere before.
Tsukasa: ?

Picture 4 in [Mysterious box]

Kagami: I've DEFINITELY seen it somewhere before.

Picture 5 in [Mysterious box]

Kagami: What do you want?

Picture 6 in [Mysterious box]


written by astrobunny \\ bowl, drossel, kagami, nice, nice bowl, shima, shimabowl, shimapan, tsukasa