Picture 1 in [I Don't Get It]

What the hell is going on? Somehow the pieces just don't match up, and I'm left hanging here with two lolis on a pajama party eating candy and talking about winning some dubious game.

What I watched:

Picture 2 in [I Don't Get It]

What I expected:

Picture 3 in [I Don't Get It]

What I got:

Picture 4 in [I Don't Get It]

Ok so, is Battler going to win? So what if he wins? So now adult Ange from alternate universe 1 dies, what about alternate universe 2? And whats up with Beato? Is she dead or alive anyway? Wait, what the hell is going on anyway?

written by astrobunny \\ ange, bad end, battler, beatrice, bed, hanging, loli, umineko no naku koro ni, unfinished, weird, wtf