Picture 1 in [Kuroko The Dorm Squid]

No matter how you look at it, Kuroko is the dorm's resident squid. She gets twisted and folded till her bones make sounds and she gets thrown around like a fresh jellyfish. Not to mention her twintails exaggerate the look of a dead squid.

Picture 2 in [Kuroko The Dorm Squid]


Picture 3 in [Kuroko The Dorm Squid]

Said squid is also the dorm manager's pet.

Picture 4 in [Kuroko The Dorm Squid]

Because Kuroko is so cute, she loves to squeeze her up and make her all mushy mushy

Picture 5 in [Kuroko The Dorm Squid]

I'm sure she harbors some sort of liking for extremely cute little twintailed girls who compress like a sponge when you grab them.

Picture 6 in [Kuroko The Dorm Squid]

I'm sure Kuroko enjoys it too, since she doesn't get enough from Onee-sama lately.

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