Picture 1 in [Christchurch at Night]

Last night after dinner, me and the Hiiragi sisters went up to the port hills again, this time at night to enjoy the view. We went up just shy of sunset to set up our picnic.

Picture 2 in [Christchurch at Night]

... and then we enjoyed the view. (click the picture to enlarge)

Picture 3 in [Christchurch at Night]

Dark is falling an the moon is getting brighter and lower

Picture 4 in [Christchurch at Night]

Eventually it just became black where we were...

Picture 5 in [Christchurch at Night]

We walked down to the edge of a cliff and found the city in full view.

Picture 6 in [Christchurch at Night]

Back to our picnic spot...

Picture 7 in [Christchurch at Night]

When you gaze up, you also see the milky way

Picture 8 in [Christchurch at Night]

Can you see Orion?

Picture 9 in [Christchurch at Night]

Alas, it was getting late and time to go, so we took a final picture and then left.

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