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Today we will appreciate Nico Yazawa for all the good she has done for our universe, and celebrate the fact she is the universe's top idol.

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She has all the qualities of the perfect woman, in the most human way possible.

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Whilst it is tempting to think that fairness exists in the universe, and that if you gain some you will lose some, Nico is the ultimate counterexample.

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Her superiority to other idols is self-evident, and it is trivial to show how she is the best possible idol

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The extreme cuteness embodied in Nico reaches is an anomalous manifestation of awesomeness of which there can only be one

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Some non-believers may argue that the smoothness of certain body parts are an issue, but those are simply superficial judgements and do not hold up under and rigorous testing.

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Observe the radiance which she emits when she smiles. Sirius will seem dim under this amount of brightness.

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More needs to be discovered about Nico's qualities, and how it is ultimately superior in every way to other idols in the final analysis.

Picture 9 in [Nico Appreciation Post]

The artist which created this depiction of Nico clearly has a deep and profound understanding of Nico's nature and has arrived at conclusions that many other great minds have.

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It may be possible that Nico's perfectness is beyond the realm of logic, but such an assessment is unneeded for something that can be trivially shown to be perfect.

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Someday the world will see the awesomeness in Nico and the world will become utopian again.

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