Picture 1 in [Nagoya]

Nagoya, a city that is somewhere in between Tokyo and Kyoto, and is thus called the “middle area”. Except its not really in the middle because its actually only half an hour away from Kyoto and one and a half hours away from Tokyo.

Picture 2 in [Nagoya]

Here’s a clock tower that everyone meets up at in the central station. So, what’s good in Nagoya? Well the answer to that is food.

Picture 3 in [Nagoya]

This is Hitsumabushi, a very tasty eel on rice meal that can be had three ways: one on its own, one with garnishes and one with dashi poured into it. I personally like the dry style with just garnishes and some wasabi mixed in.

Picture 4 in [Nagoya]

Next on the list is another thing Nagoya is well known for, their chicken wings. Here I ordered a plate of upper wings from a shop called furaibou. Whilst Nagoya is well known for its wings and the flavoring on it, it isn’t necessarily anything special compared to wings from other cities.

Picture 5 in [Nagoya]

After a night of eating, I decided to sit down for some citrus sorbet.

Picture 6 in [Nagoya]

However that was not the end of it. In an impulse decision we decided to enter yet another dessert place and grabbed a fairly massive float.

Picture 7 in [Nagoya]

After all that food I decided it was a good time to retire to the hotel and enjoy a good night’s rest before a certain merry go round event tomorrow.

Picture 8 in [Nagoya]

Here is another nice view of Nagoya from a certain station.

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