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Like lolikit says, I am a strange person because I seem to have a liking for both Haruhi and Aria. Although I am not sure what seemed to be perceived by him as two shows that are from opposite ends of some metaphorical spectrum
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Because I've been watching ARIA the Animation again lately and I've been feeling the nostalgia.

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ARIA the Origination may have ended a year ago, but it still lives on in my heart. From today onwards, I can bring Akari with me everywhere I go. All Hail Akari! All Hail Akari! All Hail Akari!

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Sometimes when you're sitting on a train you look at some wonderful things and wonder what Akari would say when she saw it. Well, if you own the DVDs, there are nice groups who produce anime encodes for the PSP and DS (with subtitles). Now you don't have to mutter the words "HAZUKASHII SERIFU KINSHI" to yourself while you try and imagine the scene where Akari treats herself to the amazing views of Neo-Venezia

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Obviously, you'll be watching them low-res, so it would be ideal if you don't strain your eyes to see fine details, and just relax and enjoy the show.

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Narrator: Oh great buddha Alicia, please guide Akari to lead us on the journey to enlightenment...

Alicia: Ara ara...

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