Picture 1 in [More Light Box Pictures]

Today I took some pictures on my lightbox with my 70-210mm tele lens to see how well it does with closeup photography. Behold our tsundere princess in all her 3 figma forms!

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Picture 1 in [Figma Golgo 13]

In the last post I said I got a figma Golgo. It was nicer than I expected, and comes with the biggest extra I've ever seen come with a figma. A di:stage basic set. I really didn't expect it until I noticed that the box was unusually thick. Then it occured to me that there was stuff behind the red background.

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Picture 1 in [Mobip: Figma competition?]

I remember getting the Fraulein Revoltech Yuki even when I had the figma one. Thinking that Revoltech, a longtime maker of action figures would make something nice and decent too, I was instantly disappointed. Now comes another action figure brand from Aoshima called Mobip. At first glance, it looks like a very Chinese attempt to imitate figma's runaway success at producing anime action figures. But being fans of a similar action figure brand, let's have a closer look anyway.

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Picture 1 in [A wild box has appeared!]

Seto ran into an F.O.E. today. It was a box, treacherous and bigger than her. Unfazed, Seto cautiosly steps up and surveys the curious object...

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Picture 1 in [figma Hatsune Miku]

A while ago I finally managed to get my hands on Hatsune Miku, thanks to Max Factory actually going on and producing it for the 3rd time. For those of you who missed out on getting this figma (which I was in grave danger of) I guess its eBay for you.

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Picture 1 in [Today's Loot]

If anyone of you works for the post office, do not let me catch you dropping boxes on their corners. I can assure you you will face the same fate as non-believers of Mio-sama. There will be a bon fire which you will be invited to, and your genitals will be crushed.

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Picture 1 in [Kyonko wants to watch K-ON]

Yes dear. You can watch it soon. I'm waiting too...

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Picture 1 in [Life in Mai Room 2]

Time for me to publish an utterly pointless and random post with a collection of figma pictures I took. I tried my best to put together a story but ended up with some sort of writer block. Most of you might just want to skip it for the sake of your bandwidth. But if you don't mind looking at a bunch of pictures where figmas do their thing, then feel free to carry on.

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Picture 1 in [A boy is fine too]

Preorders just started on a Mariya figure made by Orchard Seed. I must say that it is another one of the very few figures that have tickled my taste buds. Somehow my mind and heart are split into two parts now. One tells me that "I should not be gay", another part of me tells me that "a boy is fine too"

Community service warning: There is an NSFW pic after the jump.

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Picture 1 in [Rin Tohsaka and Saber Figmas] Picture 2 in [Rin Tohsaka and Saber Figmas]

After opening Saber Lily, I thought I'd just open up the rest of my Fate/Stay Night figmas. Though I'm not an EXTREMELY big fan of Fate/Stay Night, I liked Rin enough to be able to not die of boredom from the despicable lameness and lack of logic in the anime series. Yes, I have played the games too, and the hentai scenes right at the end make playing through the long and occasionally exciting and well drawn visual novel worth the entire thing. If you just download the HCGs, its not as fun as if you actually bought and played through the whole game. Trust me on this.

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